Our Residents


Harnett Health Residents Harnett Family Medicine Residency


At Harnett Health, we are extremely fortunate to have such positive, energetic and knowledgeable resident physicians to help us transform healthcare in our rural and hospitable community. Coming from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, these leaders are breaking new grounds, paving pathways, and positively influencing our ongoing efforts to build a top-notch residency training program in Harnett County, North Carolina. Our faculty and staff cheerfully foster individual professional development by providing a variety of leadership opportunities in numerous facets of patient care throughout our hospital system.

“He who is firm in will molds the world to himself”- Johann von Goethe. These words provide a fitting description of our diverse, dedicated, and innovative residents. Take a moment to read about each of our residents and you too will see why we are so excited about their arrival

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